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Newfield Dental Does It All; Emergency Dentist in Stamford

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28 Feb 2023

Newfield Dental Does It All; Emergency Dentist in Stamford

We love seeing your smiles every 6-months for a check-up. What we love most is the feeling we get when we assist you. Especially, when you need it the most. We are proud to say that we fit the need for an emergency dentist in Stamford.

How to Identify a Dental Emergency

It is impossible to guess when your next dental emergency will be. That is why Newfield Dental is willing to relieve any pain or discomfort in your mouth as quickly as possible.

You can identify an emergency by these symptoms

  • Toothache
  • Swollen jaw
  • Cracked tooth
  • Loose fillings
  • Sore gums

For all other medical and dental emergencies, call 911.

Adverse Effects

There is a relationship between bacteria in your mouth and high blood pressure. Bacteria can flow into your bloodstream and cause massive issues with your heart. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is a gateway to keeping the rest of your body healthy as well.

Failing to floss and/or brush regularly can contribute to developing heart diseases. Heart disease is a silent killer that thrives in America. Your diet and your hygiene contribute heavily to how your body regulates itself. So we recommend eating healthy when you can and taking care of your teeth.

Problems We Solve

Newfield Dental is rated one of the Best Dental Offices in Stamford, CT. Featuring an incredible team of Dentists specializing in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. Our state-of-the-art dental office can solve a wide range of dental problems.

We promise to deliver the best Cosmetic Dentistry while treating our patients with respect, courtesy, and compassion. We are here to be the best emergency dentist in Stamford and we always strive to take great care of our patients. If something is bothering you, do not wait until it is an emergency!

We are glad to assist you with solving any dental problems you may be experiencing. From those pesky sores that grow on the roof of your mouth, cavity fillings, tooth extractions, and dental implants.

Our Team of Experts

Our Dentists; Dr. Amina Gong (General & Cosmetic Dentist) Dr. Stephen Poon (General Dentist & Implantologist) are recognized experts in the latest dental technologies.

Our passionate staff members of hygienists and assistants work with our dentists to correct cosmetic dental problems by designing the healthy, beautiful, and glamorous smile you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s routine or urgent, our staff is always ready to help.

Why Choose Us?

Because we are proven experts able to offer the best dental advice. Our expertise in the dental industry provides us with the confidence to be your regular or emergency dentist in Stamford.

More bacteria grow the longer you wait to seek medical treatment. An issue in your mouth may cause higher risks for heart disease so please take care of your teeth. Do you want to improve the quality of your life? It starts with one smile, yours.


While we take the steps necessary to open our practice to our patients, infection control has always been a top priority. Be assured we continue to actively monitor the recommendations made by the American Dental Association (ADA), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) so that we are up-to-date and compliant with any new guidance that may be issued.

We want to tell you about the enhanced infection control procedures we are now following in our practice to keep patients and our team safe. Click the link below to learn about our highest levels of infection control when you visit our office for an appointment.

Enhanced Infection Control Procedures