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Exceptional Opportunity at the Number 1 Dentist in Stamford CT

Newfield Dental Stamford best dentist in Stamford CT
12 Feb 2023

Exceptional Opportunity at the Number 1 Dentist in Stamford CT

Tired of trying home remedies for that toothache? Dental care should not be DIY. At Newfield Dental of Stamford, relieving you from tooth pain is our bread and butter. That is why we are known as the best dentist in Stamford, CT. We maintain our award-winning service by focusing on the only metric that matters – your health.

Health is Wealth

We do not enjoy bragging, although it is our honor to be recognized as one of the best. We work every day to make it look like your smile belongs in a magazine.

We want you to feel Vogue, not insecure about a smile. By offering services that realign and position your smile to your preferences. Giving you a radiant smile can have benefits physically and emotionally. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the look on a patient’s face when they get that new and improved smile. You are going to want to smile so much and we all know smiling feels good.

Dentists Near Me

Our Dental team is located in Stamford but if you are from Greenwich, CT, or Norwalk, CT we are only 20 minutes away located in the Newfield Green Shopping Center. If you are not satisfied with your current dentist, we are always looking for new customers.

Even after a pandemic, we remain consistent and reliable with our services. As a dentist in Stamford, there is always tough competition. We remain committed to being the best in town.

To become a patient, your journey starts with scheduling an appointment. It is super quick and easy to set up an appointment, you can find more information on our website. You can request an appointment online, or by calling our front desk.

We specialize in general dentistry as well as cosmetic and implant dentistry. So if your dentures are outdated and need to be replaced or if you want that million-dollar smile, we have appointments available.

Managing After COVID

Everyone’s way of life changed after COVID-19, dealing with an infectious disease. Being a dentist in Stamford, during a pandemic was difficult to manage. A service that requires people to open their mouths for an extended period. Although, it gave our office an opportunity to spruce up some protocols.

We will do everything in our power to reduce transmissions. We all know there is no foolproof plan for reducing transmissions, especially with the nature of our industry. Our hope is for everyone to feel comfortable in our office. That is why we have followed a new plan outlined on our website.

The pandemic also gave us an opportunity to grow our digital marketing strategies, to help us reach new customers. Like most people, our business tried using the pandemic as an opportunity to grow.

Please do not hesitate to ask our staff any questions. Reach out to us today with any additional questions or concerns at (203)-890-9300.


While we take the steps necessary to open our practice to our patients, infection control has always been a top priority. Be assured we continue to actively monitor the recommendations made by the American Dental Association (ADA), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) so that we are up-to-date and compliant with any new guidance that may be issued.

We want to tell you about the enhanced infection control procedures we are now following in our practice to keep patients and our team safe. Click the link below to learn about our highest levels of infection control when you visit our office for an appointment.

Enhanced Infection Control Procedures