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Many people take a trip to the dentist twice a year to get their teeth cleaned without knowing about the other options available to help them achieve the smile of their dreams. Whether you’re unhappy about crooked or missing teeth, or how long your teeth have been stained yellow, cosmetic
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Preventative dental care with your local dentist in Stamford CT is the optimal way to maintain your oral health. Obviously brushing and flossing every day does a huge amount of work to keep your pearly whites shining, but seeing a dentist regularly can provide expert care and potentially add years
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Preventative dental care from your local dentist in Stamford CT is essential in stopping dental problems that can snowball into huge and costly dental accidents later on. Preventing dental issues is always better than fixing a dental issue. And if you have an issue such as cavities, you really should
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As your trusted Stamford dental center, Newfield Dental takes the appearance of your teeth seriously. We are always pleased to offer cosmetic dental procedures for any patients, as an out of shape smile can cause plenty of physical and mental problems. All treatments are designed to enhance and improve the
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When it comes to getting immediate dental care, you need to know exactly what an emergency dentist in Stamford can do. These are highly qualified dentists that specialize in treating accidents that result in cracked, chipped, and missing teeth, as well as severe toothaches and extreme cases of gum disease.
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Probably the best dental facility I've ever gone to. Dr. Gong is fantastic. She's super sweet and super professional. Really gets to know her patients on a personal level which is very much appreciated. All the dental hygienist were just fantastic. Very thorough and detailed, and cleans your teeth with great care. Other staff members are also excellent. Would recommend this facility to anyone!!

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